【大仁顾拜简介】An Introduc...
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【大仁顾拜简介】An Introduction to Daren Gubai

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An Introduction to Daren Gubai

Daren Gubai is a cultural ceremony to respect people, honour ancestors and harmonize the world with the core value of “Human Supremacy”. In the humane and solemn hall, Daren Gubai can help people express deep remembrance and respect for their ancestors and heavenly lives with the most peaceful mind and wishful forms of reverence. Daren Gubai is an epitome of people witnessing humanity and the culture of the new era of returning to “Human Supremacy”. The 22nd of April every year is set as Daren Gubai Day.

The main features of Daren Gubai are as follows:

  1. Daren Gubai is a modern humanistic ceremony that inherits the traditions, centred on “Human Supremacy”, contains and sublimates the natural and harmonious etiquette essence to revere the heaven, the earth and the people in both China (the East) and the West.
  2. Daren Gubai is an important part of Daren life. He uses humanized and solemn ritual procedures to highlight the dignity, freedom, great love and peace of human nature, opening up a new model of life and culture of “Human Supremacy”.
  3. Daren Gubai integrates the cultural essence of “entering the secular world” and “transcending the secular world”. Realising a true realm of experiencing the unity, harmony and wonderfulness between people and the ancestors in different realms, people and heaven and earth, people and all things in nature.
  4. Daren Gubai has no restriction on race, household of birth, ethnic background, religious belief, or political opinions of the reverers, assisting people to express respect, love, and tolerance of lives originated in all human nature.
  5. Daren Gubai is a ceremony of Daren characteristics developed by Liu Zheng ShiShang (the Daren Master) and continuously sublimated and perfected through the co-practicing of relatives and friends from all walks of life who recognize “Human Supremacy” of Daren.

Daren Gubai Ceremony usually consists of five parts:

  1. “Respecting People and Approaching the Gate”

Including multiple steps such as arising, lining up, upright gazing, saluting, and approaching the gate. The Gubai emcee assists the Gubai participants to complete the saluting throughout the whole process so that the Gubai participants can make the most peaceful and harmonious expression.

  1. “Rentang Gubai”

After completing the ritual of “Approaching the Gate” there is “Rentang Gubai”. In the Gubai Hall, there is usually a Gubai table, a Gubai poem, an incense burner, a candelabrum, flowers, and fruits. The Gubai emcee and vice emcee assist the Gubai participants to complete all the salutes including reciting the Gubai Poem, presenting cups of tea, and elevating the poem.

  1. “Daren Chanting”.

Comprehending the honour and dignity of “human and humanity” through Daren chanting. In such a moment, people can better experience the unity and harmony between human and nature, people and ancestors, human and all creatures, thus attaining the sublimation of the realms of human nature.

  1. “Singing Together by Hearts”

Singing the Daren songs and having sentiments absorbed in the music. Following the merry melody of “Human Supremacy” to express respect for the people and heartfelt blessings to the ancestors and heavenly family with deep remembrance.

  1. “Nostalgia Refreshments”.

After singing, people can taste sweets and refreshments. Meanwhile, Gubai participants are welcome to share their hometown special snacks. At this moment, Daren Gubai Ceremony has been successfully completed, and everyone can take a group photo in front of the Gubai Hall.

The duration of Daren Gubai is generally 1 – 1.5 hours. Gubai participants usually wear formal attire to participate in Gubai. In accordance with the characteristics of Daren Gubai, Gubai participants are equipped with Gubai Badges (or wear other additional apparel and accessories in due course) to show the cherishing and respect of “Humanity Supremacy” of the lives in various realms.

Note: Clothing with only black and white colours should be avoided while there is no restriction on other colour schemes. Hats should not be worn.



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